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All household goods and repair is now always there - in your smartphone!
of "Kangaroo" The mobile app gives you full access to information about all the products and stores "Kangaroo" in any place and at any time! With our app you can:
• Search for products you are interested in. The app allows you to quickly locate items in any convenient way for you: by name, by the internal product code or by scanning the barcode using your mobile device's camera.
• Finding information about goods. Once you have found your desired product becomes available, all information about it - description, price, availability of "Kangaroo" shops. Compare prices in different stores and get the maximum benefit from the purchase of our network!
• Receive information about the stores. Once you have chosen a shop where a plan to buy the goods, provided all the information on it - the store description, address, opening hours and telephone.
• Recognize all about the discount cards. The annex provides background information on discount cards with a description of the tariffs that are in stores for home goods and repair of "Kangaroo". If you already have our card, register it in a mobile application, you will be able to find out your tariff plan, the amount of discounts and savings.
With our mobile app you always get the latest information only and remain in touch with the latest developments.
We help people to build their homes and live better!



Version: 1.0.1

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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